Järvenpää 7’s victory!

Rugby season 2018 opens with a bang in Järvenpää 7’s! Holding champions HRC Mini Guns win four out of four and claim the first spot before Turku Eagles and Warriors. HRC Tiger Cubs finish 7th with one win and three losses.

Järvenpää 7’s tournament

Rugby season 2018 kicks off tomorrow with Järvenpää 7’s tournament, which is the first in the men’s championship series. We the hosts field two teams: HRC Mini Guns is the defending champion and slightly heavier HRC Tiger Cubs is looking to make an impact too. Nine teams compete for the number one spot starting at…

Rugby is back!

Season 2018 kicks off next Saturday with the first leg of the men’s winter 7’s championship in Järvenpää. Action starts at 9.00 in Järvenpään monitoimihalli and the winner is clear after 16.00. The pitch is a full-size football field with an artificial turf surface. Pack warm clothes as the temperature in the arena will be…