Beginner’s Course

Helsinki Rugby Club organises free introductions to rugby. The two-week beginners course for men and women includes four training sessions with a walk through of rugby’s basic techniques and essential rules. Sessions are open to anyone over 17 years of age interested in rugby. Previous experience in sports or special fitness is not needed. Only requirements for participation are enthusiasm and an open mind. Doors to HRC teams are open to those interested, but participation in the course does not bind to anything.


The dates for the next courses will be announced in the club news and on our Facebook.

But no need to wait until then! Everyone is welcome to join the regular training sessions. Your new coaches and friendly team mates will be there to help explain each activity and help you learn about rugby.


In the winter, the beginner’s course and training takes place in Talin jalkapallohalli (Tali indoor football arena), Purotie 8, Helsinki.
In the summer, it will be on the outdoor pitch at 
Myllypuro sports field, Kastelholmantie 3, 00900 Helsinki.

What to expect?

The course takes you through the basic techniques of the game: how to pass, where to take the ball, how to tackle and how to position yourself in the game. The essential rules of the sport (or laws of the game) and special game situations will also be familiarized. The course is held in Finnish and English.

What do you need?

In winter, the playing surface is artificial grass, so football boots give the best grip, but basic running shoes work well also. In the summer, the surface is grass, so football boots are advised. Suitable training gear is your normal sportswear. If you have doubts about the adequacy of your own physical presence, worry not, as there is room on the rugby pitch for people of every stature.