What is Rugby?

Why rugby is the greatest sport on the planet

It’s thrilling, sophisticated, physical, complex & athletic and it suits players of any shape, size or weight. In training and playing games you’ll make strong bonds with club mates, good contacts and lifelong friends. This is a game of passion that satisfies the soul like nothing else!

A Game to Suit Everyone

There are different forms of the game that broaden its appeal. Fifteen a side (15’s) is the traditional set-up with 8 ‘forwards’, the heavier players who bind on to their team-mates and make unstoppable force, and 7 ‘backs’, lighter players who make deceptive running angles and magical lightning passes.

But, there is also the fast 7 a side where you dance, sidestep, break free and run like the wind. For those who prefer non-contact Rugby, there are ‘Touch Rugby’ and ‘Tag Rugby’ where tackles are made without the impact.


Rugby is played in over 100 countries and by more than 8.5 million players – it’s a truly global sport. Playing will Rugby will almost certainly get a you a warm welcome at any rugby club in any country that plays the game; your international passport to world-wide team-mates.


Legend has it that Rugby was born when a boy called Web-Ellis, playing football in 1823 at Rugby School, UK, picked up the ball and ran with it! Today the 4 yearly Rugby World Cup plays for the Web-Ellis trophy.

Be Part of This

Rugby has strong sporting values and a backbone of team and individual discipline. It can look like physical chaos to new eyes but the strict rules are formally applied by the referee – whose authority absolutely no one questions. Finland’s Rugby is growing and has a rich mix of nationalities, languages, backgrounds, ages and occupations – it’s the perfect sport for Finland.

Watch this short video and become inspired to join the rugby family

Learning about rugby

Everyone is welcome to come and try rugby at one of our beginners courses or regular training, no matter your experience. But to get you started, here are some useful links and videos.

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