Match Preview: A semifinal set point for HRC

The last home game of the season will serve some real excitement, as a win or a draw against Tampere Rugby Club will take HRC directly to the semifinal.

Jyväskylä and Turku headed towards the final and semifinal

The regular season of Women’s Championship Rugby is nearing to its end. After a double round-robin competition between six teams the winner will advance directly to the Championship final held in Hämeenlinna 29th September. 2nd and 3rd placed teams will play a semifinal to contest for a place in the final.

At the moment Jyväskylä Rugby Club sits comfortably at the top of the chart and is likely to stay there until the final. JRC has given a well-structured, consistent team effort throughout the season gaining 7 wins and only one loss. For a direct ticket to Hämeenlinna JRC will need to beat the two lowest-placed teams in the league, Kuopio Rugby Club and Warriors Rugby Club, which the reigning champion should be able to do with relative ease.

Turku Swans holds the second place and will qualify for the semifinals with almost absolute certainty. In addition to HRC, Swans will also meet WRC and KRC. Gathering at least five points from these three matches is enough to cement a place at the semifinal. The newly promoted KRC has improved the level of their game throughout the season and should not taken too lightly – especially on home turf – but the hard-hitting Swan forward pack will surely secure at least the minimum of points needed from the remaining games.

Tampere challenging Helsinki for a spot at the semis

This Saturday Tampere Rugby Club will challenge the 3rd-placed HRC for a spot at the semifinal. HRC has a five point head start on TRC and the upcoming game will serve as the first set point for Helsinki ladies. A win or a draw will immediately secure the the third place for HRC and knock TRC out of the semifinal. The situation is trickier for Tampere. In addition to a win on Saturday they need Turku to beat HRC in the last round of the regular season on September 7th.

The previous encounter in July resulted in a staggering 5-66 win for HRC, but TRC has improved their game and will not let Helsinki off that easily again. After a difficult early season TRC has been able to field their first team and, consequently, was the only team to beat the series lead JRC this season. A 27-5 victory over the previously unbeaten JRC implies tough times for HRC in the upcoming match.

Traditionally finalists of 2015, 2016 and 2017 have always risen to the occasion in the most important games of the season and played exciting, even matches of high-quality rugby. A thriller of equal measure is expected also this Saturday as a single place in the semifinal is at stake.

This Saturday HRC will host two matches, as HRC men have a chance to claim a place in the semifinal on the men’s championship by beating Tallinn Kalev. The current situation in Men’s Rugby Championship can be found here. ».

Join us in Myllypuro to support your friendly neighborhood rugby club towards the semifinals!

HRC ladies – TRC 24.8. 12.00, Myllypuron urheilupuisto
HRC men – Kalev Tallinn 24.8. 14.00, Myllypuron urheilupuisto