Semifinals ahead for HRC

The regular seasons in the Finnish rugby championships were finished on Saturday with HRC taking the second place and a home semifinal in both men’s and women’s series.

In the women’s regular season HRC came to within two tries from the top spot. HRC beat Turku Swans 57-12 on Saturday which wasn’t enough to lift the team past Tampere. The top three ended the series level on points so rankings were decided by scored points difference. Tampere took the first place before HRC and Jyväskylä. From HRC’s point of view the regular season left some ifs and buts. The pushovers Warriors/Linna had their only forfeiture of the season against HRC which meant HRC did not get the chance to score a bonus point from the game. That point would have been very valuable when calculating the final standings.

So no straight route to the final for HRC, but the win over Swans was enough to secure the minimum: a home advantage against Jyväskylä.

Men’s regular season final standings

The Big Guns get visitors from south

Men’s regular season ended without HRC on the pitch as the Big Guns had played their last game a week earlier. HRC’s semifinal opponent was resolved in Tallinn, where Kalev hosted the Warriors. The visitors stunned the home team with a 23-21 win and lept past HRC in the series. Kalev’s first home defeat this season left them third which means they visit HRC in the semifinals. The regular season winners Warriors play the fourth-placed Jyväskylä.

There will be a lot of top class Suomi-rugby on offer in Helsinki in the coming weekend, as all the championship semifinals are played in Myllypuron liikuntapuisto. Exact game dates and times will be confirmed soon.
Update: Both semifinals will be played in Myllypuron liikuntapuisto on Saturday 22nd September. Women’s semifinal HRC-JRC starts at 12:00 and the men’s HRC-Kalev at 16:00. Warriors and JRC meet in the men’s second semifinal at 14:00.

Men’s regular season final standings

The invincible Blue Tigers to the final

At least one HRC team will be present at the Kuopio finals’ day. The HRC’s Blue Tigers topped their group in the men’s second division and were the sure finalists already before the last regular season game on Saturday. A perfect run was secured with a 19-10 away win over Seinäjoki. HRC’s season was a four-game stump but nevertheless four wins from four games is something to be happy about. The Blue Tigers face Jyväskylä’s 2nd XV in the final.

The finals day is held at the Väinölänniemi stadium in Kuopio 29th September.

Text: Mika Huopainen
Photo: Mika Sirviö