After a long and complicated season, Helsinki Rugby Club defeated the Warriors Rugby Club in a thrilling game on the score of 40-29, winning their fifth championship ever, and the first since 2016 in Fifteens Rugby. Even though the season was far from simple due to the Covid-19 situation that affected the entire league and country, the players of 2nd time coach Jake Pratley have managed to remain focused and keep developing, week after week, new tools and weapons in order to complete what had been an objective from the start. HRC managed to improve through every game of the season, under the leadership of their Captain Paavo Honkanen, and their Pack leader Wertti Bask, and developed into the main threat for the Championship, after finishing the regular season undefeated, and with five victories in a row after the first game in Porvoo ending in a draw.

Congratulations to all the players and coaches involved, and special thanks to the help brought by Helsinki Rugby’s second team the Blue Tigers who, with their energy and motivation, pushed the competitiveness at practice all the way up and helped improve everybody’s game.